February 08, 2022

Is optimism a conscious choice? How can we choose to be happier in our everyday lives? Happiness correlates strongly with a person’s health and well-being, which is why activities to make you happy are always great things to do!

There is so much you can choose to do to improve your mental well-being—and Boomhi can help.

In fact, there is plenty of research to support the idea that there are activities to make you happy, especially when those activities take place outdoors! In 2020, a study published in the International Journal of Environmental Health Research found that the simple act of visiting a park can increase a person’s sense of joy without the need to engage in any other activities.1 But why don’t we look at some examples anyway?


Some Activities to Increase Happiness:

Physical activity is an easy place to start, and a reliable activity to make you happy! This doesn’t have to mean doing something vigorous, though; a walk, a hike, or even some time spent simply exploring the great outdoors can have a profound effect on relaxation and happiness.2

You can also try playing organized sports; many public parks have tennis courts, soccer fields, or basketball nets set up for recreational games. The social aspect of these activities can be another great opportunity to smile!

For something less physically demanding but just as great for spending time outdoors, recreational projects at home and in your community can be very rewarding. Things like gardening, planting a tree, or general home improvement (and you can take it from us—planting a tree can be very rewarding)!


A duo of hikers takes on the great outdoors with Boomhi socks on their feet.

The reason doing activities to make you happy works so well is because getting out and doing something helps to give us a sense of being rewarded. Whether in the form of points from a game well-played, a physical reward like a bed of flowers in your home, or the satisfaction of a good hike, these rewards and pick-me-ups go a long way towards making us feel happy.

Not to mention the sentimental attachments from starting a project and making it your own!


How Can Boomhi Help?

A hiker wears Boomhi socks as they explore the natural world to enhance activities to make them happy.

When you take on your wellness activities for happiness, especially outdoors, Boomhi socks are the ultimate companion. These are socks you can feel good about wearing to bring you happiness, activities notwithstanding! They are durable and fully recyclable, having been made almost entirely from recycled plastics. Plus, when you purchase a pair of these socks, Boomhi plants one tree as a way of giving back to the planet.

As a bonus, Boomhi socks are also made with “EMT”—Elevated Mind Technology, a touch-based technology that creates feelings of joy, happiness, and optimism when worn. We believe in wellness without drugs or side effects, and our products offer exactly that. In the category of stuff to do to make you happy, wearing Boomhi socks is a simple and easy way to feel good about yourself and your impact on the world around you.

Comfort is key for enjoying outdoor activities, and Boomhi has got you covered.


Whichever route you go when deciding on activities to make you happy, being outside is a big help—rain or shine, summer or winter, fresh air is still key whenever possible. Finding activities you can enjoy or become invested in is a great place to start! Exploring our natural world will help you to be happier! Hopefully these ideas work as launching boards for your own success.

Boomhi is your constant companion through journeys of all kinds. When you look for activities to make you happy, look outside your doors and inside yourself!


1. Yuen, H. K., & Jenkins, G. R. (2020). Factors associated with changes in subjective well-being immediately after urban park visit. International journal of environmental health research30(2), 134–145. https://doi.org/10.1080/09603123.2019.1577368 

2. Lee, J., Tsunetsugu, Y., Takayama, N., Park, B. J., Li, Q., Song, C., Komatsu, M., Ikei, H., Tyrväinen, L., Kagawa, T., & Miyazaki, Y. (2014). Influence of forest therapy on cardiovascular relaxation in young adults. Evidence-based complementary and alternative medicine : eCAM2014, 834360. https://doi.org/10.1155/2014/834360

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